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Welcome to the Generic Universal RolePlaying System!

With GURPS, you can be anyone you want – an elf hero fighting for the forces of good, a shadowy femme fatale on a deep-cover mission, a futuristic swashbuckler carving up foes with a force sword in his hand and a beautiful woman by his side . . . or literally anything else! Thanks to its flexibility, quality writing, and ease of use, GURPS has been the premiere universal roleplaying game for over three decades!

More than 1,500,000 copies are in print – not counting foreign editions. GURPS Lite, a 32-page distillation of the basic GURPS rules, is available for free download. We also have dozens of GURPS adventures and e-books available on Warehouse 23.

Whatever your favorite roleplaying genre might be, GURPS can handle it. More about GURPS . . .

New GURPS Releases

Here are the last 15 GURPS supplements (including reprints and new editions) we have released, either in print or electronically. Click on a cover to go to that product's page.

Pyramid #3/110: Deep Space (December 2017) GURPS Fantasy: Portal Realms Pyramid #3/109: Thaumatology V (November 2017) GURPS Encounters: The Harrowed Hearts Club Pyramid #3/108: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game III (October 2017)
GURPS Fantasy-Tech 2: Weapons of Fantasy Pyramid #3/107: Monster Hunters III (September 2017) GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Encounters 1: The Pagoda of Worlds Pyramid #3/106: Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game II (August 2017) GURPS Vehicles: Steampunk Conveyances
Pyramid #3/105: Cinematic Magic (July 2017) Pyramid #3/104: Dungeon Fantasy RPG (June 2017) Discworld Roleplaying Game GURPS Bestiary GURPS Mars Attacks


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January 2, 2018: December (Okay, Early January)

It's time to round up December 2017 . . . except that it's January 2018. Happy New Year, and I hope you'll forgive me: With SJ Games being closed for the end of December – not to mention all the usual end-of-year/start-of-year chaos – I'm running a couple of days late.

Recent Releases

Given that December was a short month for much of the company, the news is relatively light:

GURPS Fantasy: Portal RealmsPyramid #3/110: Deep SpaceGURPS Fantasy: Portal Realms (December 7, 2017; PDF)

A lot of speculative fiction has its protagonists travel between the real world (more or less) and a fantasy realm. Such "portal fantasy" can be fun at the gaming table, too. This guide helps the GM tackle the world-building challenges and sticky questions that arise when you give gamers two settings to mess with.

Pyramid #3/110: Deep Space (December 20, 2017; PDF)

Space is big, mysterious, and dangerous – you don't know what (or who) might be out there. When it's the GM who isn't sure, it's nice to prime the pump with a few ideas! This issue delivers, offering space merchants, space pirates, space wrecks, really alien aliens, and even magic in spaaaace.


We added 48 more GURPS PDFs on DriveThruRPG in December. These are existing publications – not new ones – but if you normally shop at DTRPG, you'll welcome the additions. Here is the current list, and we're always adding more.

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying GameDungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game News

With the release of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen, and Dungeon Fantasy Companion, this section has almost outlived its usefulness – don't expect to see it for too much longer.

Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men (PDF)
Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items (PDF)
Dungeon Fantasy Traps (PDF)

The three PDFs created as Kickstarter stretch goals are the remaining pieces of the puzzle. We'll be making them available for general purchase through Warehouse 23 in the first quarter of 2018.

Upcoming Plans

Though we may take vacations, work on upcoming releases proceeds afoot. Here's a list of guesses at what to expect in the near future; the closer an item is to the top, the sooner you're likely to see it. As always, everything here is subject to change – aside from vacations, the season brings the flu, difficult weather, and a host of other foils for the best-laid plans.

  • Expect GURPS Supers and GURPS Banestorm to show up on demand – that is, printed as softcovers via Amazon – in January. These will be reprints, not new editions.
  • Pyramid #3/111 is slated for the third week of January.
  • Phil Masters' GURPS Steampunk 2: Steam and Shellfire is in final-draft form and awaiting editing.
  • Hans-Christian Vortisch continues to revise GURPS Tactical Shooting: Extreme Conditions toward its final draft.
  • Matt Riggsby's first draft of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2 remains in the hands of two trusted gaming groups for actual playtesting.
  • The first draft of a spell collection I wrote for the GURPS Magic series awaits internal review by Jason "PK" Levine, but he has Higher Priorities right now.

That's not all of course – far from it. Jason and I are both writing, several freelance projects are not quite far enough along that I want to name them right now, and I spent considerable time in December assessing proposals and query letters. Check the GURPS thread in my blog each Friday to learn how all of the above is progressing and look for hints of other things.

Join Us! Join Us!

My mention of proposals and query letters just now touches on something I want to reiterate: Although GURPS has a couple of staff writers, freelancers write the majority of products in the line. If you think you would like to join the ranks, please read our Submission Guidelines and download both the GURPS formatting guide and GURPS WYSIWYG template. After you've studied all that, head on over to the Pyramid Wish List (updated September 21, 2017), Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated October 30, 2017), and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated October 30, 2017) to learn what we're looking for.

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