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September 19, 2018: Kickstarter Status Report

We've been using Kickstarter very regularly for the past few months, and thanks to your support, some projects have gotten bigger and better . . . and a couple of them are still growing. To recap -

Ogrezine 2, a sequel to last year's Ogrezine, is active on Kickstarter right now. It's already at four times its original goal, and about to hit another stretch goal. You can support it right here.

The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition earned over $300,000 of support, adding all kinds of specials to the package, and it's still growing, because we are doing BackerKit stretch goals! You can support on BackerKit here, even if you did not join the original campaign. We'll make our first delivery of TFT games on Wednesday – supporters will get PDFs of the new editions of Melee, Wizard, and the Death Tests.

Munchkin Unicorns and Friends is also still available for BackerKit backing here. Do . . . [more]

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