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October 2, 2022: Car Wars Sixth Edition Playmat Pre-Orders Close Tomorrow

If you're a fan of Car Wars Sixth Edition (in stores on October 5th!), then you have one final day to place your pre-order for the new City Block playmats. The BackerKit pre-order page lists the three new playmats, while also giving everyone a chance at other Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats, games, expansions, and accessories.

Warehouse 23 is a small space, so we're unlikely to produce many more playmats than we need to cover the pre-orders. If you're looking to add these new City Block playmats to your collection, we recommend pre-ordering, since there's no guarantee that we will have extra copies for sale after we fulfill the pre-orders. (We're likely to offer another chance to pre-order them in the future; these are not one-and-done releases.)

Visit the preorder page at BackerKit today!

-- Phil Reed

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October 1, 2022: Hack & Slash Expands With Whack & Stash

Our family-friendly game of dungeon adventures, Hack & Slash, has performed well enough that the game is currently on a second printing . . . and we're finalizing work on the game's first expansion. Designed by Will Schoonover, the new Whack & Stash tuckbox expansion adds 11 new quest cards to the game and introduces a new card type: treasures! The new quests offer up the usual rewards -- points and meeples -- and a chance to snatch a treasure that may grant you a power during the game or may be saved to count as points at the end of the game. 

With the creative work wrapped up, our next step is scheduling the expansion for a 2023 release. Until it is ready for your table, though, you can prepare by playing several rounds of Hack & Slash with your friends and family. If you're unfamiliar with the game and want to know more, this Boing Boing article from 2021 will shine some light on . . . [more]

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September 30, 2022: Vikings In STL

Iain Lovecraft's Vikings Kickstarter is in its last 24 hours. His projects are always spectacular, and an amazing bang for the buck, and this one is no exception. Even if you don't happen to need Viking buildings or ships (and this project includes several museum-quality ships) there are plenty of things that can be used in multiple other settings, like the walls and fences, animals, palisades, plank streets, piers, and assorted scatter terrain and props. There are some well-dressed townsfolk, and of course numerous fighter figures (both male and female) which could serve well for characters). Plus, as always, the add-ons are fantastic.

-- Jean McGuire

PS - If you are playing in Gaming Ballistic's Nordlonds, you really need to look at these. Really.  – SJ


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September 29, 2022: Nightmare Fuel Coming To BackerKit

In October, three new bestiary volumes launch for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG on Backerkit Crowdfunding! Gaming Ballistic is pleased to announce the Nightmare Fuel crowdfunding campaign!

Why Did it Have to Be Snakes?

Always a classic. From the powerful spawn of the World Serpent Jörmungandr to the mythical hydra. The flying coatl and the (totally not a) medusa. These legendary creatures come in all sorts of sizes, ready to crush, envenom, and petrify delvers. Or swallow them whole.
Now we know why it had to be snakes! How could it be anything else?

Really Big Bugs

What's more terrifyingly awesome than a swarm of insects? A plague of giant, man-eating insects. From giant ants to ant-men. Scorpions both swarmed and super-sized. And spiders, of course. From ancient near-gods (who are absolutely not spawns of Ungoliant) to baby acid spiders. Does it sting, bite, enweb, or just . . .


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September 28, 2022: Visit Our Discord!

We have a company Discord now. Technically, we've had it for a while, but it has been closed except during FnordCons. It's now open 24/ 7 and we'd love to see you! (I like Discord.)

Current discussion categories are New & Upcoming, Munchkin, Car Wars, Ogre/GEV, Roleplaying Games, and Other Games.  We announce when we launch crowdfunding/preorder campaigns, and we announce when we're going live on stream.

We find ourselves talking about things like RPG campaign overviews, 3d printing projects and strategies, Car Wars game recaps and analysis, discussions of favorite Munchkin sets, and favorite weird promos found over the years.

We have no regularly scheduled live events . . . yet . . . but we'll see how things grow. Our staff irregularly appears on the Discord and makes brilliant comments, and sometimes the other kind too.

This is the invite link to join the server: . . . [more]

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