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December 4, 2021: Car Wars Pocket Box Now On Amazon

Although the majority of our Pocket Box titles were not offered to distributors, we are happy to report that we're now taking steps to include the Pocket Games  and many expansions — as a part of our Amazon third-party store.

The classic Car Wars Pocket Box game, easily the most popular of our 1980s Pocket Box titles, is now available at Amazon. By listing the title on Amazon as well as on Warehouse 23, we expand our reach and make it much easier for casual gamers to find this near-exact reprint of that 1980s edition of the game.

You can find the Car Wars Pocket Box right here. If you're looking for even more Pocket Box games and expansions at Amazon, please see this category page.

Retailers: If you would like to add Car Wars and the 1980s expansions to your B&M store's selection, please email and request a direct-sales account.

-- Phil Reed

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