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January 21, 2022: Munchkin Babies Arriving Via Stork

Sometimes beating your friends in Munchkin feels like stealing candy from a baby. Unfortunately for you, Munchkin Babies puts the kids in charge, and they're taking their candy back by force. This 168-card game features the cherubic art of Katie Cook (Munchkin Puppies, Munchkin Tails) and introduces a cribful of new monsters, races, and classes themed around the half-pint heroes.

Recognizable yet unique roles like the Orcling, Dwarfling, Elfling, and Quarterling combine with new takes on the original classes with Wiz Kid, Ankle Biter, Crumb Snatcher, and Holy Terror. But sometimes all you need to take down a kid is a trip to the Pediatrician, or a babysitter like the Hootin' Nanny. When you play from the perspective of a baby, lots of things can be monstrous! You can see more of the cards in our #SJGamesLive unboxing, where we check out the entire game.

Munchkin Babies is hitting local . . . [more]

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