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December 15, 2017: Munchkin Starfinder Preorders Closing Soon!

Did you miss out on the recent Munchkin Starfinder project on Kickstarter? Do you still want to get your hands on that big "I Want It All" Munchkin Starfinder box that's loaded with everything unlocked during the Kickstarter project . . . at the Kickstarter price? Here's your last chance! We're closing Munchkin Starfinder preorders (now on BackerKit) very soon so we can send the project to the factory . . . we need those final numbers to produce enough for everyone who backed the project and placed preorders.

Only three of the Kickstarter items will go to distribution sales for a wider release: Munchkin Starfinder, Munchkin Starfinder 2  Far Out, and the Munchkin Starfinder "I Want It All" box . . . and that won't be until late in 2018. Also, the I Want It All box will be listed at a retail price of $99.95, which is a bargain but not quite as good as what you'll enjoy if you grab . . . [more]

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