Space Gamer began life as a paper magazine published by Metagaming Concepts in 1975. Steve Jackson Games took over publication with issue #27 (dated March/April 1980), and ultimately published 50 issues (plus six issues of spin-off magazine Fantasy Gamer). Issue #76, September/October 1985, became Steve Jackson Games' last issue before the rights to the name went elsewhere. Space Gamer covered all aspects of hobby gaming: RPGs, wargames, card and strategy games, and more. It also featured industry news and reviews. Although Space Gamer is still a great read in its own right, today it's also a fascinating look at an earlier era of hobby gaming.

All the issues of Space Gamer that were published by Steve Jackson Games are available digitally at Warehouse 23, including a bundle of all 50 issues.

Today's featured issue from the vault:

Space Gamer #30

Space Gamer #30 (August 1980)

Space Gamer #30 (cover date August 1980) provides another trip into the gaming hobby's yesteryear – and the articles are entertaining, too!

In addition to the game reviews, news, and letters found in every issue, this installment's big surprise is the inclusion of Kung-Fu 2100 – a complete tactical two-player game you can print out and play. Enjoy a healthy helping of futuristic furious-fist action!

It also includes the first part of a feature about using programmable calculators in wargaming; the second in a series on painting fantasy miniatures; and the fourth in the series "Game Design: Theory and Practice," co-written by Steve Jackson. Finally, for long-time fans, it provides an index of what was in issues #15-29 of Space Gamer.

Whether you're a fan of old-school gaming or a historian of our hobby, each issue of Space Gamer is the perfect passport to the past!

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